So so proud of everyone last night! Left to Right order:
Paul Blackmore for Open Water and Dry suit Specialty.
Jess Bracey for Open Water.
Claire Harrison for Open Water.
Glen Hawthorne for Open Water and Dry suit Specialty.
Melissa Jackson for Rescue Diver and Emergency First Response.
Jack Morrow for Open Water.
And Jamie Sullivan for Rescue Diver, EFR, Nitrox and Wreck Specialties.
Thank you to everyone who came! We’ll have another certification night when our last group of this year qualify!
Not present but with awards to collect are:
Joey Alderson for Open Water.
Matthew Mole for Open Water and Dry suit Specialty.
Luke Mitchell-Taylor for Open Water.
Steen Bryant for Open Water.
Holly Smith for Advanced Open Water.
Stuart Kehoe for Open Water.
And Ben Robson for Open Water.

Slow Life by 

"Slow" marine animals show their secret life under high magnification. Corals and sponges are very mobile creatures, but their motion is only detectable at different time scales compared to ours and requires time lapses to be seen. These animals build coral reefs and play crucial roles in the biosphere, yet we know almost nothing about their daily lives.