Melissa Jackson - Chair

Ey up guys. I’m Liss obviously and I’m running for Chairperson.

Erm. This is going to be my 3rd and last year in the club. (you’ll miss me when I’ve gone) and in that time I’ve gone from a little boring, unsociable, open water, 5 dive tit into a swaggie rescue diver with about 35 (? Idk) dives in my logbook. (And hopefully 55+ by xmas)
I remember when I first joined I did not go to one social, or really speak to anyone. I didn’t even really speak to my dive buddy; Holly.
The Chair at that time, Emma then asked me (quite a few times) to go on tour. And naturally I didn’t want to but at the same time I didn’t want to let people down. In the end I forced myself to go and spend 10 days with a bunch of complete strangers. And that forced me to speak to people, and the rest was kinda history.
Come second year, I’ve been to almost every social. I make sure to speak to people from diving in the street, I do the social (ha, social) media like Twitter and Tumblr. I kicked off the organising for the Christmas Meal, our presentations on Marine First Aid, Dive 2013, our Club Photo and I’m currently working with Jess, Holly and Claire on organising tour.

I’ve also seen the club go from one person heading this whole thing up, to a handful of committee members, to hopefully something bigger next year. I met some of my bestest friends in the club, and if my other bestest mate wasn’t in the club I maybe forced her to join last year.
I’ve watched the club go through some of its highlights, and also some of the crap bits where we thought we weren’t going to get things sorted in time, but we got it all together in the end.

This year I thought the socials, especially being on Friday worked really well, as did our trip to Dive 2013, our Freshers Stall was wicked and our partnership with Stoney Cove could not have gone better to be honest.

The Club does need a boost though, we need to:

  1. Raise SubAqua’s awareness – not many people know we have a scuba club… And also, make them take us as a legit sport!
  2. We need to have discussions as to whether Active Cards are really worth it. We pay what, 40 quid each? To get one taxi ride between 3/4 people to the Cove and a comparatively small deposit into the club coffers. Can member’s £40 fee be better spent? I’d like to hold a club-wide discussion on if staying as a Sport’s Club is the way forward.
  3. Closer ties with other clubs and socs. Joint socials are awesome, and we need more. Simple as. I know people who’re on committees of other clubs through Biomed, so I could liaise with them.
  4. Tell the Council/SU/Whoever to give us back our club kit! For those of you who don’t know, the club has a few BCD’s and Tanks locked away in a safe type thing at uni. Great, but they’re blocked by this huge bloody bottlebank thing that Leicester Council have graciously shat right outside the safe, meaning we can’t get in. We need to harangue the authorities to move this: we could be saving so much money on kit hire right now, but we can’t because the powers that be aren’t very… enthusiastic, as us.
  5. Scuba Varsity and Pool Hire. I get that diving, for fun anyway, is expensive. Holly and I were chatting one day and she mentioned underwater hockey (which is actually fairly popular in Scuba circles) and finswimming. The topic then moved onto things like varsity.
    In November we met with members of the UoL Diving Society, who were also really positive to organise a varsity. We need scuba to branch out, we need to become more of a solid club, and not something you associate with only if you do a course, and that would mean regular pool sessions. For more information on underwater sport, visit CMAS at

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed my spiel. I really hope ya vote for me because I owe the club a lot of my time and effort because it helped me so much personally.

Jess Bracey - Social Sec and possibly Health and Safety

Hi, I’m Jess – second year biomed student-soon-to-be-third-year-with-not-much-life-outside-uni-other-than-dog-walking-and-cooking

I am running for social sec/health and safety officer (if position isn’t filled) (properly this time).

-          I will be looking to organise regular social activities on a Saturday at QEII pool, where we can ‘rent’ the pool for I think 2 hours. We can then use snorkels, masks and fins. As varsity is going to hopefully be a thing for this year, we can practice for that – playing pool hockey, underwater obstacle courses and maybe water wrestling.

-          Looking to have “regular” trips to Cove, potentially every month or two, depending of course of people’s funds. These will likely be organised straight after student finance comes in, so there’s no excuse!

-          Regular socials every week or fortnight– potentially in Firebug or a similar venue that people like. Or in my flat cus it’s awesome.

-          As for Health and safety officer – I am a trainee first aider with St John Ambulance, and plan to go on and become an FA and take part in DMU LINKS FA.

-          I also plan to do rescue diver, and I really want to become a master scuba diver at some point. Maybe this year if I get a job lol :D 

I have already had a stab at social sec this year, and if you came to my (as Liss would say) “Swaggie” party-social then hopefully you’ll think that this is my thing that I can do and shit.


Election Time! - 25th April

Hey guys, so it’s election time yet again. (Barely feels like i’ve been here 6 months, let alone a year).
Which means that as well as gaining a new committee, we have to lose some of the best, and lose them for good in the case of Claire. 

It’ll be sad to see, well half of you go. But it’s also a great opporunity for the Freshers, (soon to be 2nd years) to bring what they know to the table. 

We’re looking for 7 positions to be filled this year:

Chairperson; co-ordinates all of the committee, represents the club and corresponds with things like course organisation.

Vice Chair; helps out the chair if they’re ill, hungover, or on holiday. Also a great role in it’s own right as they’re a representative voice for the committee.

Secretary; deals with all club messages and correspondence, sorts out transport- really important when it comes to things like tour and Dive 2014. Works also with the Social Sec to find a sponsor for the upcoming year.

Treasurer; deals with the money side of the club, keeps a record of the ins and outs, and offers advice on how the club can use the funds best. Collects money from those in courses and passes it on to the other parties.

Social Sec; Makes every Friday night creative and epic. Going to the same bar every single friday isn’t a good social sec- you want imagination, and a knowledge of drinking games ;) Works also with the Sec to find a sponsor for the upcoming year.

Health and Safety; Preferably First Aid trained although the SU do provide courses for those who are not. Deals with the injury assessments, evacuation prodedures, first aid kits etc.

Floating Committee Member; dabbles wherever they’re needed. An extra pair of hands.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve literally only just qualified: if you’re a diver then you can run!

So so proud of everyone last night! Left to Right order:
Paul Blackmore for Open Water and Dry suit Specialty.
Jess Bracey for Open Water.
Claire Harrison for Open Water.
Glen Hawthorne for Open Water and Dry suit Specialty.
Melissa Jackson for Rescue Diver and Emergency First Response.
Jack Morrow for Open Water.
And Jamie Sullivan for Rescue Diver, EFR, Nitrox and Wreck Specialties.
Thank you to everyone who came! We’ll have another certification night when our last group of this year qualify!
Not present but with awards to collect are:
Joey Alderson for Open Water.
Matthew Mole for Open Water and Dry suit Specialty.
Luke Mitchell-Taylor for Open Water.
Steen Bryant for Open Water.
Holly Smith for Advanced Open Water.
Stuart Kehoe for Open Water.
And Ben Robson for Open Water.

Slow Life by 

"Slow" marine animals show their secret life under high magnification. Corals and sponges are very mobile creatures, but their motion is only detectable at different time scales compared to ours and requires time lapses to be seen. These animals build coral reefs and play crucial roles in the biosphere, yet we know almost nothing about their daily lives.